• Angiplast is a Hemodialysis Blood tubing set manufacturer in India and Disposable Medical Supplies in India.
  • Bloodtubing set has been specially designed for the patient to connect external system which extracts patient’s blood to the dialyzer and then returns patient’s blood from the dialyzer.
  • Consists of 2 parts – Arterial and Venous Line – use during dialysis and attached fistula and dialyzer.
  • Unique chambers reduce foaming, increase air removal and does not trap EPO [Erythropoietin] compliant material of transducer protectors. This helps in ensuring secure machine fit and less incidence of wet out.
  • Colour coded ergonomic clamps and dialyzer connectors with tethered caps that seal tightly for disposal.
  • Kinkresistant tubing handles easily and ensures fast priming
  • EOSterile, Non – Toxic and Pyrogen Free


  • Blood Tubing with Transducer also available.
  • Also available in any configuration as per customer’s configuration for various dialysis machines. Please send your drawing.

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