• Angiplast is an Anesthesia Face Mask manufacturer in India and Disposable Medical Supplies in India.
  • Transparent cushioned, crystal clear, flexible 22F ISO connection.
  • Air Filled cushion to provide safety and comfortable use.
  • Suitable for use in respiratory care of anesthesia and resuscitator.
  • Body with anti-static property & good grip.
  • Inflatable cushion and rounded edges offer optimal comfort.
  • Removable color-coded head strap hook rings. Allows use of traditional head traps. Removable for use in hand-held procedures.
  • Available Sizes : 0- Neonatal, 1- Infant, 2- Pediatric, 3- Adult Small, 4- Adult Medium & 5- Adult Large.
  • Individually packed in Poly Pack.

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